Camp Del-Ja-Ri
Camp Del-Ja-Ri 2023

What Parents Want to Know About Camp


Camp Dates 2024

The week of camp is July 14th through July 20th 2024. To apply, please email our Camp Director at We hope to see you all soon!

Camp Del-Ja-Ri – a Camp for Kids With Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

Camp Del-Ja-Ri is held at Camp Mack near Milford, Indiana. While we are not affiliated with Camp Alexander Mack, we have been fortunate enough to use their campground and facilities since 1998. Our hosts at Camp Mack have consistently provided us with a full service camping environment which is also a beautiful, clean, fun, and safe setting for our campers to enjoy. The camp has great nature trails for those who enjoy hiking, a nature center focused on the area’s ecology, and a beautiful, refreshing lake for swimming, boating, and fishing. The dining hall is full of great food to enjoy during our activity-filled days.

Camp Program

Our program is carefully designed to promote the positive growth of each camper. This is achieved by offering a variety of activities which cultivate inquisitiveness, creativity, new knowledge, and new skills.

Each camper is an active member of a small bunk group of boys or girls who share a cabin and are guided by counselors. These bunk groups work together during activities, but also interact with the other bunk groups throughout the week of camp.


We have a wide range of activities for the children to participate in, including: fishing, boating, swimming, arts & crafts, campfires, and singing (and boy do we sing!). But not to worry, every morning we will get the stiffness out of your child’s joints with some light stretching and a hearty breakfast. Throughout the day, the campers are provided with ample opportunities to rest and interact with each other. Some of our counselors have been friends for over Twenty years!

Why Del-Ja-Ri?

Because we care. This camp has been around for over 25 years, and we know what your child is going through. Most of the counselors also have some form of rheumatic disease. They know first hand of the struggles associated with it and can offer the right kind of support. Over the course of a week of camp, we have seen children turn their attitudes around when it comes to having a rheumatic disease, especially with the help of the other campers. Your child will see that they are not alone in their day to day struggles, and this can make all of the difference. They may even learn about some devices and methods of doing day to day things that will help them become more independent. All of the campers at Camp Del-Ja-Ri are treated with compassion and respect. We strive to help everyone grow as individuals, and our activities are designed to make sure that everyone is always included and adapted to each individuals child’s skill and ability level.


Medical Staff

The Camp Del-Ja-Ri doctor works closely with all camp staff to ensure the health and safety of the campers. Also on staff is a Registered Nurse and a licensed counseling professional. Both stay at camp throughout the week and enjoy all of the activities with the campers.

They are available around the clock to assist the campers with their needs. Throughout the week of camp, they monitor the health of the kids and are there to answer any questions the campers might have about their diseases or their medications.


Camp Del-Ja-Ri is a small camp. The campers make fast friends and build friendships that last for years. There is also a counselor-in-training (CIT) program for the oldest campers.


All of our Counselors and CIT’s have been coming to Camp Del-Ja-Ri for many years. They return year after year, and are a big reason that camp is so special. Counselors are trained yearly in camp safety procedures and lead activities, help with mealtimes, and stay in the cabins with the campers. They work to help the campers learn to get along with each other and to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe camp experience. The campers tend to have a lot of fun with the Counselors too- especially when there are games that involve getting their counselors messy or drenched with a water balloon!